International Advisory Committee

The international committee is responsible for supporting the interpretation of the findings for an international audience with varied and geo-political contexts. In particular, the committee considers the ethics of transferring research findings to countries in the Global South, as well as promoting Canadian knowledge to a global audience. In turn, the expertise and experience of the International Advisory Committee will be of relevance to our partners, as we implement international agreements such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons (CRPD) in a Canadian context. For this reason, the International Advisory Committee will include two partner representatives to sit on this Committee per year. These will be rotating positions to provide opportunity for all partners.

International Advisory committee:
Amanda Ajodhia
Tillie Curran
David Jahr
Marisol Moreno-Angarita
Katherine Runswick-Cole
Donald Wertlieb